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Our commercial flooring solutions are all tailored to meet your aesthetic and functional needs for your commercial building. At Lynmar Builders, we offer personalized and reliable building maintenance services, and commercial tile flooring is a part of that.

From durable and aesthetic installations to thorough repair, our commercial flooring services address the unique demands of your building’s high-traffic areas. Impress your customers with a flawless interior and exterior; hire the best floor tile coating service near you, and never look elsewhere!

Let’s Take A Look At The Process Of Commercial Flooring Installation

Here’s a short rundown of our commercial flooring installation for concrete, ceramic, rubber, laminate, and other floor types (both indoors and outdoors).

Preparation Phase

Before we install fresh commercial laminate flooring, we go through a series of preparation steps, such as site inspection, measurements, and surface assessments. We also remove existing flooring and prepare the surface to ensure a smooth and suitable base for the new installation.

Acquiring Materials

Once the site is ready, we pick the most appropriate flooring material based on the specific needs of your project. Linoleum, wood, vinyl, carpet, tile, epoxy, laminate, custom kitchen restaurant floors, and commercial rubber flooring all have unique requirements.


Next, we move on to the actual commercial flooring installation. Here, our certified installation teams cut the material precisely, fit it, and then adhere the flooring material to the surface.

Finishing & Detailing

The installation phase is followed by seam sealing, edge finishing, applying protective coatings, and ensuring a uniform appearance throughout the installation area.

Quality Check

We conduct thorough quality checks once we’re done with commercial flooring installation. If needed, we make any necessary adjustments or corrections, clean the area, and prepare it for regular use.

Commercial Floor Repair – What Is Included & Why It Matters?

Maintaining a safe, functional, and visually appealing building will surely reward your business in terms of profitability. Seeing is believing, and a damaged floor is just not good for business. From safety hazards for your employees and customers to the negative impression it will create on visitors, delaying commercial concrete floor repair will hurt your business more than anything else.

But you have the option to get it fixed ASAP via our reliable commercial flooring repair team. Let’s take a look at some of the most common floor repairs our concrete floor repair contractors execute and why they matter.

Repairing Cracked Floors

Cracks in the floor can cause further damage and safety hazards. These commercial floor repairs involve filling or sealing cracks with specialized materials to restore the floor's integrity and prevent erosion or mold growth.

Repairing & Reconstructing Joints

Repairing joints in industrial floor repair involves reconstructing or repairing damaged joints to ensure structural stability. This way, you can prevent trip hazards and maintain the overall aesthetics of the flooring.

Patching Localized Damages

For localized damage, we use patches for commercial floor repair. This works for minor holes, chips, or surface imperfections. The patches blend with the existing flooring, restoring its appearance and function.

Fixing Sidewalks

Never delay repairing sidewalks. It ensures pedestrian safety and improves the overall appearance of your property. This industrial floor repair process involves fixing cracks, uneven surfaces, or damaged areas on the sidewalk.


We also restore the appearance of worn or damaged floors. This commercial floor repair process involves sanding, polishing, or resealing the floor.


If the damage is extensive, we can also apply a new layer of flooring material over the existing surface. This industrial floor repair provides a fresh, durable, and visually appealing finish and fixes any underlying issues.

Key Benefits Of Hiring Our Commercial Floor Services Professional Team!

When you hire our commercial flooring contractors, you can count on getting the best possible outcome for your project.

Here are some of the most notable benefits you’ll see:

  • Safety: Our commercial floor company prioritizes safety by addressing hazards like cracks, uneven surfaces, or damaged areas.
  • Quality: We offer expert workmanship and use only quality materials, guaranteeing durable and aesthetically pleasing results!
  • Improved Aesthetics: Through repairs, refinishing, or resurfacing, we’ll make sure that your commercial concrete flooring looks the best it can.
  • Durability: Our services extend the lifespan of commercial floors and minimize the need for frequent repairs or replacements.
  • Improved Property Value: Commercial floor restoration will also elevate the value of your commercial property, attracting potential clients and positively impacting the property's marketability.

You Can Count On Our Commercial Flooring Contractors To Get The Job Done!

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