Hire Top Professionals for Commercial Building Maintenance Services!

Decades of experience in providing commercial construction services have helped our team understand the utmost importance of professional building maintenance. This is especially true for commercial buildings like hotels, supermarkets, and office buildings. They experience intense foot traffic and a very high level of wear and tear.

Since the building is at your business's core, you need to hire an experienced company for general commercial building maintenance services. The perfect choice is hiring the same people who erected your building. We know its ins and outs, the location of every pipe and wire. 

Thus, we can perform the maintenance tasks faster without overlooking any essential aspect. Moreover, we can quickly identify the area where you need advanced building maintenance or emergency repair services. This will get the affected utilities or services up and running faster, putting you back into business as soon as possible.

We have extensive experience in commercial building maintenance services for supermarkets, hotels, and more

What Is Building Maintenance for Your Commercial Facility?

Building maintenance (also known as facility maintenance services) represents the ongoing activities required to keep a building and all its systems in good working condition. It is a proactive form of upkeep for your commercial facility, aiming to prevent malfunctions and damages rather than fix them.

Facility maintenance covers inspections and interventions on all the parts of the building:

There are actually three types of maintenance services that our commercial building maintenance services company offers:

  • Preventive maintenance – it includes activities such as cleaning and applying lubricant to equipment, replacing worn-out parts, and calibrating various instruments
  • Corrective maintenance – this includes planned corrective maintenance (scheduling repairs before the system malfunctions) and unplanned corrective maintenance (performing unscheduled repairs when an unexpected failure happens)
  • Predictive maintenance – advanced building maintenance that involves using data and monitoring tools to anticipate malfunctions and failures before they happen.

Our team delivers professional metal building maintenance and ensures your facility is always safe, up to code, in good working order, and inviting for all your employees and clients.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Building Maintenance Contractor

Building maintenance and repair is highly skilled work that you cannot entrust to just any contractor found online. A company can deliver quality building maintenance only after decades of experience working with various clients, from local supermarkets to national restaurant and hotel chains.

Professional building maintenance has many benefits, such as:

  1. Affordable investment to prevent expensive disruptions to your business;
  2. Clear schedules for interventions, planned according to your business hours;
  3. Accurate building maintenance adds a layer of protection to your investment in the commercial building.

Thinking about the value of the building as an asset for your company, you understand the need for perfect building maintenance. Also, you realize that you need to look for building maintenance companies with certification and relevant experience in this line of work.

We Are Your Trusted Professional Commercial Building Maintenance Company

Lynmar Builders has over 40 years of experience as a certified commercial building maintenance service company working for top American supermarkets, hotels, and restaurant brands. 

We are based in Westville, NJ, but we also offer building maintenance contractor services to clients in the following areas:

  • New Jersey

  • Pennsylvania

  • Maryland 

  • Delaware

Don’t settle for less than the most reliable building maintenance company near your facility - get in touch with us at 856-456-0856!

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