You Can Always Rely on Our Team for Emergency Maintenance Services!

Once the construction of your building is completed, our team of experts in commercial construction services is fully equipped to assist you with ongoing maintenance and emergency maintenance services. Plumbing and electrical wiring can break down in the middle of a busy day, and you cannot afford to shut it down until you can find experienced technicians.

Our 24/7 maintenance services will deploy an electrician or plumber to your commercial building as soon as possible to diagnose and fix the malfunction. Our seasoned professionals will strive to resolve the issue with minimum impact on your everyday business activities.

In this way, you can keep your clients happy and your employees productive no matter what kind of incident may occur.

What Is a Maintenance Emergency Intervention?

Emergency maintenance for a commercial building is any kind of unscheduled intervention to fix various malfunctions. These interventions will take place as soon as possible after you call us. Typically, the emergency refers to electricity malfunctions or serious plumbing issues. We have a multidisciplinary team for 24-hour emergency maintenance for:

  • Water leak
  • Lighting
  • Power generator
  • HVAC systems
  • Any other kind of electrical or plumbing problem.

Our emergency maintenance services team will arrive at your facility with all the necessary equipment and spare parts to fix the most common problems. If it turns out to be a serious malfunction, we will follow the warranty protocol set by the equipment producer.

The emergency maintenance specialists will use only OEM parts and the most skilled workmanship to repair the equipment. If necessary, we will provide alternative solutions to keep your building operating while the defective part undergoes major repairs or replacement.

During this period, our emergency maintenance solutions representative will keep you informed whenever there is an update on the status of the equipment.

Reasons to Work with 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance Specialists

Malfunctions and breakdowns can take place both during and out of business hours. But you cannot wait until the next day or over the weekend to have it fixed. Your supermarket or office building needs to stay open for your clients and employees. This is why you need a reliable 24-hour emergency maintenance company.

Specialists in 24/7 maintenance services for a commercial building know that every hour your building is closed costs you thousands of dollars – or more. Our goal is to fix the issue quickly and ensure that all the systems inside your building are running properly and safe to use.

The 24/7 maintenance dispatcher will open the ticket for your request and send the emergency commercial electrician or plumber to your address in the shortest possible time. Soon, everything will be up and running, as if the problem never existed in the first place.

Our Experienced Emergency Maintenance Company Is Ready to Help You!

Lynmar Builders is a company with 40 years of experience in erecting and maintaining commercial buildings. Whenever you need emergency commercial plumbing or electrical services, we are ready to help you – whether it is a holiday or a weekend.

Our professional team can handle any emergency and ensure you can reopen your commercial building for business or shopping as soon as possible.

We are based in Westville, NJ, but we also offer 24/7 emergency maintenance service to customers in:

  • New Jersey

  • Pennsylvania

  • Maryland 

  • Delaware

Our reliable emergency commercial company is ready to fix the problem, so get in touch with us at 856-456-0856!