Let Us Design Your Custom Cabinetry – as Distinctive as Your Brand!

When you contact our custom millwork design team asking for something special regarding custom cabinetry, we know exactly what you mean. Over the years, we helped other clients like you in the hospitality business create a unique and distinctive look for their premises.

High-end custom cabinetry for dining rooms, reception areas, and hotel rooms must blend seamlessly with the architecture and interior decorations. They must leave a long-lasting memory, enticing clients to come back to experience the same atmosphere.

This is why an authentic custom cabinetry contractor at our company starts with drawing ideas, which you can contribute to with your own ideas and branding guidelines.

Quality Custom Cabinetry Can Be Affordable and Unique Looking

You don’t have to think that only top brands afford quality custom cabinetry for commercial buildings. Your small bistro, hotel, or bar can enjoy the benefits of personalized attention from an experienced custom wood cabinetry design company.

The cost of custom cabinetry is actually a valuable investment in your premises, enhancing its appeal to customers. Here are some important benefits of choosing distinctive custom cabinetry:

  • Making use of all the available space in creative ways
  • The certainty that the finished cabinets will fit perfectly in the designated areas
  • Consistent design in every room and on every floor
  • Cabinets will blend seamlessly with existing pieces of furniture and décor
  • Elite custom cabinetry creates a distinctive atmosphere that makes your location feel special for customers.

How Much Does Custom Cabinetry Cost?

Custom cabinetry pricing depends on several factors. While we cannot provide an exact figure, rest assured that we offer competitive rates for our services. However, the final cost of your cabinets will be influenced by other aspects, such as:

  • The level of complexity and customization of the design
  • The number of cabinets you need
  • The materials used
  • The number of employees we have to involve in your project.

You can be sure that the custom cabinetry cost will be detailed transparently on an itemized list. We will justify every dollar and never charge hidden fees. 

Also, as a business owner, you know how to calculate the return on investment. The price for custom design cabinetry for your office, reception area, or other spaces in your facility will pay itself in a short time through increased sales and visits from loyal customers.

Work with an Experienced Custom Cabinetry Company

At Lynmar Builders, we have over 40 years of experience in custom cabinetry and millwork for the hospitality industry and office buildings. Our team knows how to capture the essence of your brand image and your ideas and incorporate it into the designs we create.

We cater to all types of budgets, from affordable custom cabinetry to luxury custom cabinetry, and can come up with creative ideas to suit your needs. We also have the capacity to produce the quantity of cabinets you require to furnish an entire building within a reasonable period of time and have it delivered and installed on time.

Lynmar Builders is located in Westville, NJ, and has the extended service area:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • Delaware

Are you looking for custom cabinetry contractors with positive reviews from all clients? Then get in touch with us: 856-456-0856!