Construction management services background
Lynmar Builders Offer Highly Reliable Construction Management Services

Here at Lynmar Builders, we offer widely trusted and reliable commercial construction services that have consistently resulted in business success for our clients. We always ensure construction control, complete compliance with all requirements and safety measures (for both exterior and interior design), and a regular check as part of our comprehensive construction management services.

Our construction management contractors manage each project with absolute integrity. We never try to cut corners and always fully comply with all construction requirements and safety rules. This ensures safety for both our employees and the general population. Ensuring safety rules is a priority and protects our personnel from injuries and pedestrians passing by.

As part of our commercial construction management, a regular maintenance check of all equipment and tools ensures that they operate efficiently and safely. These regular checks help keep the construction project operating at a good pace.

What Is Construction Management?

Commercial management construction is a comprehensive process that oversees all aspects of a construction project. It involves planning, coordination, and control to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards.

This Is What’s Included In Our Building Construction Management Services

Construction management involves comprehensive attention and oversight, from feasibility studies to budget and schedule management, to ensure project success.

Here’s what our process looks like:

Constructability Review

We start with rigorous constructability reviews, assessing construction plans and specifications for accuracy, completeness, and potential issues.

Contract Administration

Our construction management consulting services also encompass contract and procurement management. We upgrade contract documents, prepare proposal requests, and facilitate contractor bid reviews.

Construction Scheduling

Next, we create, monitor, and analyze schedules during design and construction, ensuring project timelines are met. Our construction management professionals also address delays and changes that may impact completion.

Cost Estimation

We then move on to construction cost estimating, covering planning, design, and independent estimates. Our construction management contractors will assess contingency, providing owners with cost ranges and probabilities for staying within budget.

Change Order Management

Efficient change order management is crucial, especially for labor rate compliance, minimizing costs and schedule disruptions on multimillion-dollar projects.

Here Are Some Of The Key Advantages Of Hiring Quality Construction Management Services

Our top priority is providing each of our clients with high-quality services. Our clients are important to us, which shows with our industry-leading services. Here are some of the key perks or advantages you can expect to see when you hire our commercial construction management company:

  • We’ll make sure that projects stay on track and within budget.
  • With cost control, we can optimize budgets.
  • As one of the top construction management companies in the USA, we can help you achieve your business objectives on schedule.
  • With regulatory compliance, we can help prevent setbacks and disputes.
  • Our quality assurance maintains high standards for successful project outcomes.
  • We also consider risk mitigation to ensure project continuity and on-site safety.
  • With clear communication, we foster positive relationships with our customers.

Hire A Construction Management Contractor You Can Trust

Our construction management company's mission is to ensure our clients are provided with the best possible service. We do this every day with our services. Let us manage the construction process so you don’t have to worry about it.

Equipped with years of experience, our highly skilled construction management contractors can effectively manage your project from start to finish. This consistency in management also ensures nothing gets missed in the construction process.

Our building construction management office is located in Westville, NJ, but serves the following areas and nearby locations:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • Delaware

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