Our commercial, retail, and industrial construction is industry leading

Lynmar Builders was founded with a passion for commercial, retail, and industrial construction. We have always loved the challenge of the project because we get to see people enjoy it every day once it’s completed.

Commercial, retail and industrial construction projects are a lot alike, but there are some differences as well. These differences include site planning, building design, supporting infrastructure, and permitting.

  • Site Planning – with commercial and retail construction it is important to make sure that the site is easily accessible to traffic, parking availability, and is pedestrian friendly. With industrial construction, it is important to make sure it’s easily accessible to semi trucks and close to major freeways.
  • Building Design – Commercial and retail construction is designed more with foot traffic in mind and is typically designed with aesthetics in mind as well. Commercial construction is designed with functionality in mind. Aesthetics aren’t typically as big of a concern here.
  • Supporting Infrastructure – Commercial and retail construction contain a matrix of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems that service the entire building to accommodate offices and retail shops. Industrial construction doesn’t contain nearly as much of those systems and is designed to handle heavy machinery and equipment.
  • Permitting – commercial and retail construction sites have to go through a permitting process but it’s not nearly as tough as industrial sites.

Here at Lynmar Builders, we specialize in commercial, retail, and industrial construction. We have a set process for each type of construction project that allows us to quickly complete the project while providing high quality service.  We are industry leading in this area because of the experience that we bring to the table.